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Lab Week: The Future is Lab


Medical Laboratory Professionals are the most important resource in the clinical laboratory. Medical laboratory professionals manage the day-to-day activities of the clinical laboratory with a keen focus on quality assurance and the delivery of reliable test results.

Their role spans the total testing process including preparing patients, taking samples, running tests and ensuring that quality results are delivered to the patient in a timely manner. Information from the laboratory is used to screen, diagnose, prognosticate and monitor a vast majority of human diseases.

The theme for this years’ lab week celebration is ‘The Future is Lab’. As laboratory practice becomes more complex, the roles and responsibilities of the laboratory professionals are beginning to extend beyond the walls of the laboratory. Laboratory professionals have to play the role of an advisor, an advocate and a mediator between the laboratory, clinicians and patients.

Given the multidisciplinary nature of clinical laboratory practice, teamwork, collaboration and synergy are essential to the delivery of excellent healthcare service at all times.

As we move from the general concept of health and disease to the more modern individualized healthcare in precision medicine, the role of the medical laboratory professional becomes even more essential to ensure that testing meets the needs of the clinicians and patients alike.

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