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Update on Malaria


Key facts about Malaria

  • Malaria is a CATEGORY 1 NOTIFIABLE CONDITION according to the National Department of Health's (NDOH)Notifiable Medical Conditions (NMC) list.
    • This is a medical condition that requires reporting by the most rapid means available upon diagnosis, followed by a written or electronic notification to the Department of Health within 24 hours of diagnosis by healthcare providers, private health laboratories or public health laboratories.
  • Malaria is seasonal in South Africa, where the highest risk of malaria transmission occurs in the wet summer months (September to May).
  • Malaria vector mosquitoes generally bite between dusk and dawn.
  • Only female mosquitoes are associated with malaria transmission.
  • Male mosquitoes DO NOT blood feed and play no role in the malaria transmission cycle.
  • Three Plasmodium falciparum Anopheles vectors are associated with human transmission of malaria:
    • Anopheles gambiae
    • An. funestus
    • An. arabiensis
  • Sub-Saharan Africa and India carry -85% of the global malaria burden.
  • Plasmodium falciparum is the most prevalent parasitic infection in the WHO Africa region.
  • One child dies every minute from malaria in Africa.
  • Malaria immunity is rapidly lost in the absence of exposure to malaria.
  • Non-immune travellers are at higher risk for severe malaria.
  • Emergence of antimalarial drug and insecticide resistance threatens control and elimination efforts.

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What CHEMOPROPHYLAXIS is available in South Africa for Malaria?*

The choice of prophylaxis should be tailored to the individual.

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Treatment Guidelines


Mild symptoms, ambulant, normal mental function, no repeated vomiting, no jaundice, no other features of severe malaria

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